DIY: how to make your own hot oil treatment

The blog post 4 types of oil your hair will love says olive oil is one of the best hair conditioners you can use. It’s healthy, contains antioxidants that protect us from diseases and cell aging. In short, olive oil is good for body, hair and skin and the fun part is you can use it as an ingredient of different DIY beauty projects, such as a hot oil treatment. 

Difference hot oil & deep hair treatment

But first an explanation about the difference between a deep hair and a hot oil treatment, so you know when to apply a hot oil treatment.

  • Hot oil treatment: before washing your hair
  • Deep hair treatment: after washing your hair

Less greasy oil

Olive oil is a great oil for a hot oil treatment, but other oils, including jojoba and coconut oil, are also a treat for your hair. They are also good conditioners and moisturizers. Plus, the benefit of Jojoba oil is that it feels less greasy than most oils. This also applies to avocado oil.

How to make a hot oil treatment

Would you like to know how to make a hot oil treatment with olive and coconut oil? Collect the following ingredients and watch the video:

  • approximately 2 tablespoons olive oil (or a different oil such as jojoba oil)
  • about 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • a bowl
  • a spoon in order to stir
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After you’ve mixed the oils together, apply it to your hair (and scalpl) and let it sit overnight or just for half an hour. Do this before you wash your hair. You’ll wash your hair afterwards with shampoo or a use the pre-poo method.

More hair care tips

Apart from a hot oil and deep treatment there are still so many more DIY options to give your hair a boost. For example by applying the following methods or treatments (click on the orange links):

Q | Have you ever made you own hot oil treatment before? If so, what oils & ingredients do you use?

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