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Dupe Alert: MAC Candy Yum Yum

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Not long ago I bought MAC Candy Yum Yum: a strikingly neon pink lipstick with a matte finish. A few weeks later I ran into the exact same color which is far more cheaper than the original MAC lipstick. 

 photo MAC_Candy_Yum_Yum_dupe_huls_zps2b2105ff.jpg

Cheaper lipstick, same colour

One of my Facebook readers told me she didn’t like the feel and the smell of Candy Yum Yum at the end of the day. I personally don’t have the same experience, but I can imagine that it’s quite disappointing if you spend €18,50 on a lipstick you’re not going to use. With this in mind, I went looking for the perfect MAC Candy Yum Yum dupe (= look a like). Luckily I found one which only costs €2,50. Hurray!

MAC Candy Yum Yum Dupe

Hema Pure color lipstick in Pink & Shine Bright (12) and MAC Candy Yum Yum look like two drops of water. The only difference is the finish. As I indicated before Candy Yum Yum has a matte finish, as a result it feels fairly dry. However, because of this it stays on all day.

 photo MAC_Candy_Yum_Yum_Hema_Pure_Shine_Pink_Bright_zpsd53486c0.jpg

Not suitable if..

Despite the wonderful matte color (I personally love it), this lipstick isn’t suitable if you suffer from dry chapped lips. You won’t look charming if you have a lot of dead cells. So before using Candy Yum Yum, you’d be wise to use a lip scrub.

 photo MAC_Candy_Yum_Yum_zps7408d95b.jpg

MAC Candy Yum Yum

Soft texture

Hema Pure & Shine lipstick is softer in terms of texture and has more shine (duh, what’s in a name). This makes the color Bright Pink (12) a bit less intense than MAC Candy Yum Yum. But because of the soft texture it’s easier to apply and it won’t emphasize dead cells, when you have chapped lips.

Hema Pure Shine Pink Bright photo Hema_Pure_Shine_Pink_Bright_zps6427e999.jpg

Hema Pure & Shine lipstick Bright Pink (12)

Which lipstick do you prefer?

In terms of softness I prefer the Hema Pure & Shine lipstick, but to be honest I really love Candy Yum Yum’s matte finish. I think it’s awesome. But if you’re more concerned about the colour and don’t care whether it has a matte or shiny finish, Hema Pure & Shine lipstick Bright Pink (12) is a very good MAC Candy Yum Yum dupe.

 photo _Swatches_MAC_Candy_Yum_Yum_dupe_zps61285ae1.jpg

Q | Do you see any difference between Hema lipstick Bright Pink & MAC Candy Yum Yum? Which lipstick do you prefer?

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    • Het is inderdaad een goedkope oplossing als je niet zeker weet of de kleur je staat. Toch, nothing beats a MAC lipstickie. De kleur blijft goed en lang zitten, maar voor een fractie van de prijs bijsmeren is ook geen slecht plan 🙂

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