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How to prevent split nails

I easily get split nails when I wear my nail polish too long. I really hate it when this happens. That’s why I wanted to know how split nails are developed and what I can do about it. This is what I found out.

I’m not the only one

Luckily I found out that I am not the only one who gets split nails. Nail disorders, such as split nails, appear to be common. Mostly because of incorrect or insufficient care.

The cause of split nails

In most cases, the cause is simply dehydration. This means the middle layer of the nail, the keratin layer, doesn’t retain enough moisture and fat. That’s why the top layer eventually comes off.

Gespleten nagels

If you look closely you can see a tear in the top layer of my nail. This is what happens when you get split nails.


Dehydration is the result of:

  • frequently wassing hands;
  • frequent use of detergenten;
  • use of acetone containing nail polish remover;
  • frequent use of nail polish with dehydrating properties

How to prevent split nails

1. Healthy eating & drinking

It’s probably a cliché , but you get healthier nails through healthy eating and drinking. Calcium, folic acid and vitamin A are quite important.

2. Use a file 

If you already have split nails, there’s nothing you can do except filing your nails. Do not use a clipper! It will exert too much pressure on your damaged nail(s). File in one direction, not back and forth.

3. Recovering nail cream

After shortening your nails, it’s important to massage your nails 3 times a day with a recovering nail cream with moisturizing properties. Nowadays, there are also special balms available to make your nails strong and to maintain moisture. Don’t buy a product which contains oil. Oil is good for your cuticles, but your nails won’t absorb it.

Nail care 112: Nail Repair Cream

4. ‘Scrub’ your nails

Try to ‘scrub’ your nails every now and then. You can do this by using a nail buffer file. With this file you remove old cells. It also makes the top layer of your nails slightly thinner, which will help the middle keratin layer to retain moisture. So after this step especially massage your nails with a special nail cream or serum. An additional advantage is that your nails will become more shiny and your nail polish will stay on longer.

Nagelverzorging in 8 stappen


4. Nail polish free week

Give your nails some rest and don’t wear any nail polish for a week. In this week you should apply the previous mentioned steps. After a week you can wear nail polish again. Always keep in mind to use a base coat and to use nail polish with moisturizing properties. If you would like to use a nail hardener, just make sure you buy one without or very little formaldehyde. This dries your nails and they claimen it’s a toxic carcinogen. Double reason to avoid using it.

5. Silicea

One of my readers told me she suffered from split nails for years until a homeopath found out that she had a shortage of to Silicea. This is 100% natural mineral salt which prevents dry skin, nails & hair. She used in in combination with a nail oil and as a result, she now has stronger and longer nails.

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